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Hinge and Minibar Present: Your BYOB Summer Date Guide

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Single and planning a date? Turns out “Let’s meet at a bar” just won’t cut it for Summer 2017. At Hinge, we love analyzing dating data, and one of our most surprising recent findings was the dramatic spike in outdoorsy, warm weather date suggestions — suggestions that actually lead to IRL dates.

Feel free to steal our Members’ creative ideas (kite flying, anyone?), and don’t forget to hydrate your date with some BYOB options from Minibar Delivery. We’ve teamed up with the drinks delivery app to offer IRL readers $10 off their first Minibar Delivery order. Simply type in the code “HINGE10” at checkout and get sippin’.

All hail burgers and brews: by far the biggest spike in outdoor date suggestions was the always-reliable barbeque, which showed a 600 percent increase in mentions from May to June.

Don’t forget to give “beer” a shoutout during your Hinge conversation — there was a 44 percent increase in numbers exchanged from May to June when this sudsy standby was mentioned.

Long live those summer nights…and days. According to Hinge data, beach dates saw a 153 percent increase in June compared to the rest of the year. Suggest a bottle of rose on a blanket — you’re 55 percent more likely to snag a number with this decidedly summery plan.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a BYOB rooftop, take advantage. Rooftop date suggestions were 200 percent more popular in June than in May, and for good reason: there’s nothing like an after-work cocktail and an evening summer breeze.

Throw it back to the 1950’s with a retro date to the drive-in — or, you know, a pop-up rooftop “drive-in.” This date suggestion proved 144 percent more popular in June than May, and will score major points with any “good old days” enthusiast. Bring old time-y drink ingredients (or mocktail ingredients if you’re driving) for Old Fashioneds (45 percent more likely to score a number if mentioned) and enjoy the show.

Bring back childhood memories with an adult twist: why not go fly a kite with your Hinge connection? Kite flying dates were 20 percent more popular in June than May, but take the top spot for creativity in our book. Add in a bottle of prosecco and you’re good to go for the ultimate in-the-park summer afternoon activity.

In Texas and Tennessee, offer is valid on non-alcoholic items or delivery fee only.

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