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Hinge Reports: How to Answer the "Bucket List" Prompt

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Skydiving, moving to another country, opening a restaurant…these are just some of the answers we’ve seen to the Hinge “Bucket List” prompt. Similar to the “Two Truths and Lie,” prompt, the “Bucket List” prompt gives a different perspective on the respondent’s interests and personality type. Risk-taker? Homebody? Workaholic? You’ll find out from this question.  

In addition to giving a a great glimpse into the respondent’s personality, the “Bucket List” prompt is the fourth-least answered, most engaged with question, putting it high on the list of questions Hinge Members should answer to increase their chances of a comment or like.

The Best Answers

To calculate the best answers to this question, our data scientists looked at what percentage of a Member’s total profile “likes” were due to that specific question. The following were some of our favorite responses to the “Bucket List” prompt:

1. Go skydiving; Running with the bulls; Eat sushi in Japan; Cliff dive in Hawaii; Backpack across Europe; Hike the Grand Canyon.
2. Seeing the Aurora Borealis, backpacking Europe, and getting through a cooking recipe without once having to pull the instructions back outta the trash.
3. Turn West Virginia into a blue state.
4. Get my heels to touch the ground in downward facing dog.
5. Get a puppy, see the aurora borealis, learn to fold fitted sheets.

Avoid These Words to Stand Out
Sometimes the best way to craft an effective answer is to do what everyone else isn’t. The following words were the most commonly listed amongst all Hinge Members who answered this question:

  • Trip:  Of all the exotic locales around the world, the top of the trip wishlist was surprising: road trip across the United States. 
  • Bali: Blame “Eat Pray Love” for Hinge Members’ top travel destination. New business idea: start an airline that travels only to Bali. You can only buy a ticket if you’re a millennial. 
  • Hot/Air:  Who knew so many Hinge Members were interested in taking hot air balloon rides…? Bizarre, but apparently this retro activity is at the top of many peoples’ bucket lists. First date idea? Hmm…

The takeaway? Lots of people want to travel. Top desired modes of transportation: RV…followed by hot air balloon. #Those DamnMillennials…

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