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Hinge Reports: How to Answer "Most Spontaneous Thing I've Done"

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Awesome matches: everyone wants them, but how do you get them? A lot of talk goes into optimizing dating app photos — we even did a whole report on it — but another area Hinge Members can really show off is through profile questions. Ours range from fun (“Best Halloween costume”) to revealing (“What I’m looking for”) and give potential connections a true 360-view of possible partners.

Today we’re introducing a new series to help you maximize your profile answers, and in turn, get more connections. How to Answer is a once-weekly deep-dive into Hinge profile questions — what works, what doesn’t, and how you can use this information to your advantage.

In launching this series, we ranked all 50 Hinge profile questions on an X-Y axis. The graph compares total number of times the question has been answered versus total number of impressions (likes or comments). In ranking the questions this way, we were able to deduce which prompts will give you the best chance of getting a like.

Today we’re tackling the least-answered, most engaged-with profile prompt: “Most spontaneous thing I’ve done.” If you’re looking to increase engagement with your profile, start here — by answering this question, you’re 61 percent more likely to receive a like or comment.

The Basics

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of people (10 percent, to be exact) who think they’re going to win hearts (or even hello’s) with short answers to the “Most spontaneous” prompt. Not only do “Travel” and “Foodie” not make sense as responses to this question — they provide potential connections with zero information about the person answering.

Bottom line — don’t keep it short. To give your potential connections the best look at your personality, type a phrase or mini-story of 20 characters or more — a length our data scientists figured out dramatically improved engagement rates.

Of course, use as many characters as your story requires — longer answers are fun to read and give your connections more to work with when it comes to starting conversations.

The Best Answers

To calculate the best answers to this question, our data scientists looked at what percentage of a Member’s total profile “likes” were due to that specific question. The following were some of our favorite responses to the “Most Spontaneous” prompt:

7. Starting out the Top 7, here’s an answer that’s got it all: honest, sincere, and revealing, not to mention, this person took an unconventional approach to answering. 

6. Much respect to this person, who demonstrates A. Commitment to a dare, and B. True patriotism. (50 percent of total profile likes.)

5. Perfect example of an honest answer that wins points — not everyone is “wild” and “crazy,” and that’s okay. (60 percent of total profile likes.)

4. Clearly, a person who can commit…and whose idea of where to drunkenly enroll in school is spot-on. (60 percent of total profile likes.)

3. This person one-upped your cute dog photo and showed true commitment to the canine cause. What dog lover wouldn’t give this answer a like? (67 percent of total profile likes.)

2. Urban mushroom farm? Financial tech? Gotta love a person who can cook up a nice ‘shroom rissoto while teaching you how to monetize an app. (67 percent of total profile likes.)

1.This is how you answer a question. Hitting on all cylinders, this Member accomplishes so much in two sentences: we learn he or she is intelligent (accepted to medical school) and has a self-deprecating sense of humor (that second sentence joke). Who wouldn’t want to grab a drink with this almost-doctor? (67 percent of total profile likes.)

Avoid These Words to Stand Out
Sometimes the best way to craft an effective answer is to do what everyone else isn’t. The following words were the most commonly used amongst all Hinge Members who answered this question:

  • Live: A large number of responses involved living in foreign countries or bizarre situations. One person mentioned living on a yacht in Boston Harbor; another was inspired to live and work in an Indian orphanage after seeing the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.”
  • Car: Stories of packing up a car and driving somewhere they knew no one — and staying — were popular responses. The word “car” appeared in the overall most-liked answer to this prompt: the Member was involved in a “high speed car chase in Abu Dhabi.” Yikes!
  • Visit: Among the many stories of last-minute visits for concerts, extreme sports, and cultural events, one response really stood out: “I adopted a baby tiger while visiting an orphanage in Africa.” No word on how that person got the tiger back to the States, but if anyone matches with this guy, please report back.
  • Cup: Most responses featuring the word “cup” referenced impromptu trips to Brazil for the World Cup, but one answer stood out as truly unique: “I once convinced my best friend to get a tattoo of a teacup pig wearing a tophat and monocle on his left butt cheek.” How is this person single?
  • Full: The word “full” referred to several types of responses: quitting full-time jobs to pursue passions or travel, hiking difficult trails in full, and betting full bank accounts in Vegas. The Hinge office favorite? “I once went a full meal without using hot sauce.” Can’t blame her, really… #SrirachaIsLife

The takeaway? When discussing your spontaneous experiences, think beyond travel experiences or moves to exotic locales, or delve into specific aspects of those experiences you most remember. Anyone can say they “Visited Mexico on a whim,” but what about your time made it memorable?

Alternatively, think outside the box — not every spontaneous act is grandiose. As our top answers show, sometimes as act as simple as purchasing an airport book wins hearts — and likes.

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