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Hinge Reports: How to Answer "Last Meal"

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They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Err…we beg to differ. The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, and today on “How to Answer,” we’re tackling the famous “Last Meal” question.

Obviously, this is a subjective one — the guy who lives for sushi probably won’t be impressed with the girl whose idea of a great evening is drowning in Chik-Fil-A Special Sauce. Still, it’s fun to explore the answers that really do it for Hinge Members — needless to say, they’re mouth-wateringly creative.

“Last Meal” is the second-least answered, most engaged with question, putting it high on the list of questions Hinge Members should answer to increase their chances of a comment or like.

The Best Answers
To calculate the best answers to this question, our data scientists looked at what percentage of a Member’s total profile “likes” were due to that specific question. The following were some of our favorite responses to the “Last Meal” prompt:

5. Well, not much to see here — just the most diverse set of foods to cause a heart attack, ever. Sign me up for a date with this person, who clearly appreciates all food groups and a variety of ethnic delights. #Savage

4. For the Mexican purist who realizes the way to a person’s heart is through a chalupa and Cheesy Gordita Crunch. #YoQuieroHinge #SorryNotSorry

3. Who can argue with brie and a nice Malbec? Very sophisticated answer, indeed.

2. The best part of this answer? The responder told us how important it is to eat these foods in a specific order. Buffalo chicken pizza before the Oreo McFlurry? You’ve really effed it up. 

1. Creativity! Passion! Diversity of food groups! Snacks and  entrees! This answer has it all, and it’s not hard to see why so many Hinge Members agreed. 

Avoid These Foods to Stand Out
Sometimes the best way to craft an effective answer is to do what everyone else isn’t. The following foods were the most commonly listed amongst all Hinge Members who answered this question:

  • Steak: Steak was the most commonly listed food, but let’s be honest: it’s for good reason.
  • Tacos: Enough with Taco Tuesday, already! Yes, tacos are delish, but if you must list this Mexican delight, consider describing the best taco you’ve ever eaten. You’ll stand out. 
  • Chipotle: No surprise here — the most commonly listed fast food joint sells, what else — steak and  tacos.
  • French:  “French” referred to French fries, French toast, and French cuisine. Personally, we’ll take one of each. 
  • Pasta: Many Members listed pasta; few listed a specific type. Take notes from the guy who listed “Truffled Ricotta Ravioli”: the more specific, the better. 

The takeaway? Be as specific, and descriptive, as possible. When listing your last meal, take advantage of the ability to type a long answer — list all your favorite foods and the order you’d eat them in. 

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