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Hinge Reports: Profile Pictures That Get the Most Likes

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Is there such thing as a perfect dating app profile picture? 

According to Hinge, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Armed with 35 unique photo tags (e.g., smiling with or without teeth; hair up vs. hair down), Hinge data scientists analyzed a random sampling of 1,000 Member profile photos to see which combination of criteria earned the most likes — and which fell flat. 

Check out the results below — and start deleting those selfies, stat. 

Coming in as top performers in Hinge’s profile picture study were photos featuring sporting events or activities (the study included watching a sporting event in this category) and “enjoying a night out,” which ranged from photos of friends at a restaurant to holding a drink at a bar. 

Scoring lowest were photos of people (men and women) in sunglasses and photos that featured Snapchat filters that obstruct the face, including the infamous “dog face” filter. 

The “epic fail” of photos? Posing with a “possible” significant other. A sibling or friend to you may look like a current or ex partner to those looking at your profile.  

Tips for Daters: 

DO: Include a sport or physical activity-related photo on your profile.

DON’T: Wear sunglasses, use a Snapchat filter of any kind, or pose with someone who could be misconstrued as a possible significant other

Shockingly, “hair up” performed best for women — they were 27% more likely to receive a like.

Standing alone, sans friends or family, proved key — photos featuring a solo subject were 69% more likely to receive a like, proving dating app users don’t have time for guesswork — they’ll move onto the next person. 

Tips for Daters: 

DO: Wear your hair up, smile with teeth, and stand alone.

DON’T: Use your hair as a shield, smile with your mouth closed, or surround yourself with other people. 

Men — remain tight lipped! Photos featuring a close-mouthed smile were 43% more likely to receive a like. 

Contrary to women, whose “looking away” photos performed best, men were 102% more likely to receive a like when looking straight-on, towards the camera. 

Tips for Daters: 

DO: Look at the camera head-on and stand solo.

DON’T: Show your teeth in photos.

Beach photos performed poorly on all fronts, but the guys really took the hit — photos of men on a beach were 80% less likely to receive a like. 

Tips for Daters: 

DO: Pose anywhere but a beach.

DON’T: Include that picture from Hawaii. 

Good news for sports enthusiasts: photos featuring any type of game, sporting event, or physical activity outperformed nearly every other type of photo. 

Tips for Daters: 

DO: Include photos from sporting events, rec leagues, hikes, or ski trips.

DON’T: Include a sporting-related picture on a beach — see above. 

Candids — the paparazzi photos of “regular people” — proved killer in Hinge’s study. Despite only 20% of photos in the study qualifying as “candid” or “unposed,” they are 15% more likely to receive a like. 

Tips for Daters: 

DO: Include photos of yourself in your natural element. 

DON’T: Use overly-posed photos.

Selfies: just no. 

The stats speak for themselves. 

Tips for Daters: 

DO: Commit to taking more pictures out and about. 

DON’T: Take a selfie in a bathroom, ever. It will negatively impact your dating profile. 

Looking for a quick profile picture improvement? Consider using a black and white filter on one or two of your photos — and watch the likes roll in. 

Tips for Daters: 

DO: Use a photo filter or editing software to convert a picture or two to black and white. 

DON’T: Have a 100% “in-color” dating app profile. 

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